September 2023 -UPDATE    and  

GMusic Productions (Greenfeld Music) is pleased to announce that GMusic Production Music albums and tracks are now being distributed and synchronised for all media through Music Gateway in the UK.


January 2022 -UPDATE   and
GMusic Productions (Greenfeld Music) are very pleased to announce that their catalogue is now being represented through their sub-publisher, Apollo Music, in the territories of  Russia and the CIS.


December 2021 – GMusic Productions have recently been approached by  Apollo Music.
Negotiations are currently ongoing for Apollo to act as sub-publishers for the GMusic production library in the territory of Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
(The CIS  is the regional intergovernmental organisation in Eastern Europe and Asia.)
(Further news will follow soon…..)


September 2019 – launch of the new “Ceide Fields” production music library:

These compositions are “soundtracks” that reflect the people, the folklore and the geography of the wild, beautiful and rugged parts of the West coast of Ireland.
The style is not strictly in the traditional Irish music genre – although you will hear many phrases and ornamentations which have been heavily influenced by Celtic music (the composers roots are in the west of Ireland).
The tracks are suitable for film/television production as feature/background for nature, drama or wildlife.



January 2019 – new launch date  for three production music libraries:



2018 – unique rock/orchestral tracks (currently in post production) and scheduled for release late summer. (Further news to follow)



June 2017 – new music for soprano Sophie Walby



February 2013 – new online album of the Spike Milligan Tribute available at:

August 2012 –

production music tracks now available (PRS cleared) for television/film/radio production companies – Including the original ToolBox tracks.)
Use contact form to request password and access.