For many years, GMusic (also known as Greenfield Music) has been producing and supplying “ToolBox” – a unique audio product for professional sound dubbers, mixers, editors and producers working in the film, broadcast and media industries.
Many of the tracks have found their way into the production of films, television programmes, advertisements, documentaries and corporate videos  across the world.

Past comments from industry professionals:


“The concept of GMUSIC ToolBox is brilliant. It is a very flexible and adaptable ‘hands-on’ tool for post-production work”.

Adrian Smith (Head of Audio) at Editworks, Soho, London


“Often library music can offer the right style for a particular scene – but actually getting it to start and end gracefully is a different matter. GMUSIC ToolBox, with all its permutations, allows the ‘customizing’ of a piece of music to start, develop and end as desired within the styles provided in the kit”.

Paul Gartrell (Senior Dubbing Mixer) Teddington Studios, London

“Finding music for Drama and Promo’s can be difficult – but with the elements of a piece available as separate tracks – GMUSIC ToolBox makes compiling a music bed a lot easier”.

Gary Nattrass (Freelance Dubbing Mixer) for Television Drama and Serials, UK

GMusic’s core business is producing music tracks for trailers and promotional music for all media.

Production Music (also known as “Library Music”) is music specially written for professional use in film, television, radio, advertising and all new media.

The music is available at fixed rates set by PRS/MCPS and helps all production companies to budget their music and obtain all the necessary clearances quickly and easily.